@ReaderJohn Of course I realize that your second point was something of an ad hominem, that doesn't take away from the fact that it is correct. Be it a mainstream media outlet or the most independent or alternative of sources, a critical approach on the part of the reader is best.

Also you are right about accidently coming across "Nazi", or any other content that one might find objectionable on substack. You do, in my experience, only see what you've subscribed to.

Today I read a response from someone on there who could be described as "partisan", in this case on the "left", and he pointed out that he and many others depend on the income from their substack subscribers. This gives me pause, and perhaps I shouldn't throw out the variable baby with the bathwater.

@ReaderJohn for sure you give 2 good points. There are a lot of writers I support on there, but the platform itself is causing me angst. Honestly I'm conflicted on how to proceed, and a bummed about it too 😞